Why You Shouldn’t Replace Your Own iPhone Screen

Here is a typical email from one of our clients that shall remain un-named:

So, I have a problem…I have an iPhone 3GS…that HAD a shattered screen. Well, I’m sure you have heard this story before, but here it goes.  I watched some YouTube tutorials, decided to fix it myself, bought all the necessary parts and went to town.  Well…..all was going fine until I had a hard time getting the LCD screen out after taking out the screws….and one tiny little pry in the wrong place…pop.

There went the LCD screen.  I completed the re-install of the screen hoping the LCD thing was going to be at least manageable.  Got everything back together and turned it on….nope.  The LCD screen is 100% fried…AND, the touch screen wasn’t sensing anything either.  Oh yeah, and putting it back together stripped the 2 long screws on the end of the case because the shop sent the wrong size screwdriver.  Oh yeah, and the new screen is already broke.  When I tried to take it apart again to check the 1, 2, 3 connections I broke it. Again. I’m SO PISSED.

The lesson here is that it pays to have the professionals fix that broken iPhone.  Learn from other people’s mistakes.  Another example of Altitude Integrations working to improve the quality of our clients’ lives.

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