Why use a professional web developer?

Making a website seems to be enticingly “easy” in the heads of many businesspeople. Considering all the automated tools and templates out there, almost anyone can put together a basic website with just a drag-and-drop technique. In today’s world, it is crucial for small to medium size businesses to have an online presence – but the most basic “build your own website” tools won’t serve your business properly. Your website is your business card to let people who are searching for products and services know who you are, what you offer, and how to contact you. Your website provides your current or future customer 24/7 access to information about your company. Having a well-designed website adds credibility to your business – if you’re not accessible online, you don’t exist. A quality site can give you a myriad of benefits and there are also reasons why you, a sensible business person, should have your website be developed by a professional web developer.

Still not convinced? Let me ask you some questions: how much do you value your time? Building a site by a novice can be mind-numbing and tiresome because all those little details like layout, color theme, graphics, tags, categories, keywords, server, domain, etc…  What about updating your site? Its always easier to let someone who knows what they doing handle all the technical details and assist you in your brand messaging and strategy.

professional web developer

An on-hand professional web developer is like have a third opinion to diagnose your business needs. As a businessperson, you know the goals for your website, and a professional web developer can help you achieve them. They have the expertise to solve technical problems that might occur during the building/programming process. They have the skills to help you increase your online presence and improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Clear, crisp and easy to navigate are key components for a quality website. Potential customers are willing to stay on the pleasant websites longer, which gives you more time to communicate your value. A well-constructed site makes it easy for a search engine to crawl, combined with decent content, and results in better, organic search traffic. Having a professional developer will help you prepare for the longrun by considering expansion and future growth of your website. You can pour hours into your own website – but imagine you have to start from scratch again when you do not prepare to have your site grown WITH your business.

Investing in a well constructed website can yield tremendous benefits and put you in the right place, in front of your customers.  The easier it is for your customers to find you, the more opportunity you have to convert your visitors into sales.

wordpressAt Altitude Integrations we work with nearly every variety of website client – people that have built their own sites and have hit a brick wall, those who have become disenchanted with a previous web developer partnership, and those looking for a brand new website that they can update themselves. We gladly work with other web developers, graphic designers, photographers, SEO companies, and branding agencies to consult and assist in creating functional web presences for them and their customers. We focus on empowering our clients through hands-on training, free technology classes, and encouraging  Open-Source platforms like WordPress. Check out our ever-growing web design portfolio.

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