Why Altitude Integrations Websites Are Different

We’re not like other IT companies. We aim not only to provide matchless service to our clients but also to empower them. We think, to use a metaphor, that there’s no use building a ship for you unless we teach you how to steer it (however exceptional that ship may be).

It’s also how we approach building websites. Yes, we’ll build you a csite. Yes, we can add e-commerce and pretty much any other functionality.

But that’s true of most Boulder website providers. We think what we do is different; here’s why.

We Educate

Every website package we offer comes with a two-hour tutorial, during which you will learn everything you need to edit and manage your site. We’ll even go over the basics of blogging, so you can share your expertise with the world.

It doesn’t matter how technical you are: after these two hours you will feel in control of your website. Never again will you need to pay a web designer $100 per hour to correct a simple spelling mistake, or wait for someone unresponsive to get back in touch with you.

It’s all possible because we build our sites with WordPress. Built from the ground up for writers, not techies, WordPress is the simplest content management system out there.

Basically: if you can edit a Word document you can edit your iSuppportU website easily.

With WordPress: You’re In Control

Being easy to use isn’t the only great thing about WordPress, though: it’s also open source.

So what does that mean?

For one thing, it means WordPress can be changed to do whatever you want. You’ll find tens of thousands of themes for WordPress, and an equally staggering number of plugins for it.

Because WordPress is open source you don’t need to worry about finding support for it. There are hundreds of WordPress professionals right here in Boulder and many more around the world, meaning you can rest assured that no matter what you will be able to find someone who can help you with your site.

Of course, we can offer you support too – we’d be thrilled to help in any way we can. But it’s good to know you’re covered no matter what happens, and not all website designers can offer that.

Beautiful Sites

We take pride in making our clients’ sites look good. Don’t believe us? Check out these recent sites; we think they speak for themselves.

Check out our portfolio here.

Amazing Value

You know the old saying. Fast, affordable, and good: you can only pick two.

We beg to differ. We build sites quickly, at an affordable rate, and of the highest quality. We don’t know of a company with a lower entry rate, and that’s the way we like it.

Want to learn more? Please contact Altitude Integrations or read more about our website services.