Thai Flooding Increases Hard Drive Prices

After years of declining prices, hard drive prices are suddenly going up. The culprit: floods in Thailand.

“Basically, two of Western Digital’s factories are under water,” says Stephen Boni, Altitude Integrations’s Pit Boss. “Both have been shut down since October 12.”

Boni, who spends part of each day researching product prices, says the increase hasn’t yet hit consumer sites like Amazon and eBay. “But they will,” he adds.

The Western Digital Caviar Green went up in price from $119 to $280 in a matter of five days. Toshiba’s hard drives drives are up about 10 percent.

The bottom line, according to Boni, is that people looking to buy hard drives should consider waiting a few months. Some studies say the price increases could last as long as six months.

Of course, an increase in hard drive costs is hardly the worst part of this disaster. Hundreds are dead because of Thailand’s floods, which are ongoing.

Higher prices are an inconvinence, to be sure, but the biggest cost is the loss of life and homes.

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