Should I Buy the New iPhone 5?

iPhone 5Great question.  Apple’s new products always result in a twinkle in the eyes of folks all over the world.  People are camping out in front of stores to be the first.  Pre-orders are setting records.  Does that mean you should be just as excited about the new iPhone?  Here are some things to consider before committing to be an early adopter:

  • Possible Glitches: Historically, first releases of Apple mobile devices are released with glitches.  We all remember the antena issues with the first iPhone 4.  That was a mess.  Of course, that all went away with the release of the iPhone 4s.  In fact, there were very few issues with the iPhone 4s upon release.  The technology had a chance to mature and work out its bugs.  Early adopters can sometimes suffer for the rest of us.  You have to be comfortable with the fact that you may be in the pack of those suffering.
  • Contracts:  The only thing that makes the iPhone 5 affordable (kinda) is the fact that it starts at only $199 if you commit to a 2 year contract with a carrier.  Many people have allowed their 2 year contracts to come and go so they can upgrade with the release of the new phone.  Historically, AT&T has had service issues in some areas, while Verizon seems to have more stable service overall.  Verizon is a little pricier, but it could be worth it if call quality is critical to your plan.  Of course, you could always get the phone out of contract, but that will cost you about $600.  Just remember that the carrier will make their money from you for those 2 years.  That discounted rate on the iPhone 5 might not be worth it once you do the math.
  • New Plug:  The world is now full of devices that work with the classic Apple connector it has been using for iPhones and iPods for years.  Yes, they offer an adapter for $29, but think about the number of adapters you will need in order to retrofit your entire accessorized life.  If you have an army of iPhone/iPod accessories, that may be reason enough to hold off on the new iPhone.  Upgrading all of your accessories might not be worth the shiny new phone.
  • Cases:  It takes a little while for the case manufacturers of the world to create enough cases for all of the new devices that are released every day.  Because the iPhone 5 is already breaking pre-order records, there are already backorders for cases for the new iPhone.  You may have to wait a few months to get the proper protection for that fancy new iPhone.
  • It’s Badass:  While there are quite a few reasons to hold off, there is a long list of reasons to check out the new phone.  It is fast, light and sexy.  It runs on the LTE network, which will make a huge difference with data transfer rates.  The engineering looks nothing shy of amazing.  Finally, having new shiny things can just make you feel good.

Did the crew at Altitude Integrations order the new iPhone 5?  Yes, we did pre-order two of them.  Once we know more about the performance of this new phone, we’ll be sure to let you know.  We need to get in quick so we can know how to repair the iPhone 5.  They are still make of glass, after all.  Stay tuned.

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