Bad Capacitors

By Brett

We deal with a number of systems here at Altitude Integrations.  Many of our clients bring in older systems that they’ve had for several years.  Often a system optimization or malware scan & clean will resolve  issues with system reliability or performance. When our diagnosis and troubleshooting moves beyond software issues, we have to open up the computer and take a look inside. Heat can be a major contributing factor to system instability.  Dust and pet hair are common finds inside of fans, heatsinks and all of the other nooks and crannies inside a desktop PC.  One client brought in…

Manage company voicemails with Google Apps

By Brett

If your business is anything like ours, voicemail matters. We’d love to answer every phone call, but sometimes people call during off hours or while we’re on the phone with someone else. Traditional voicemail systems suck, however. Using the phone to access an inbox is a terrible form of human-machine interaction, especially if you’re used to the quickness of email. I don’t want to “press 1 to hear new messages”; I want the messages to appear in front of me. Enter Google Voice. This amazing web app, part of the Google Apps suite of online software, manages our voicemail for…