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Looking for Google’s Boulder Office? Try Bing.

By Brett Ramberg - CEO

Want to know where Google’s Boulder office is? The logical thing to do is Google “Google Boulder”. This doesn’t work, however: Not exactly useful if you want an address. Do the same search using Bing, however, and you get the address immediately: We’re hardcore Google fans here, but even we have to admit that Google failed on this one. What’s going on, guys?

What Makes Our Service Different?

By Brett Ramberg - CEO

Let’s face it, there are quite a few computer repair, IT consulting and web design shops around.  Who should you go to and why?  Here is a brief overview of the things that set us apart from the rest of the folks out there: Personality: We feel that we are in the people business with a focus on technology.  Technology exists for the purpose of making our life more rich.  It is not a replacement for experience.  It is experience.  When we provide service, we start by assessing the needs our client first.  We pride ourselves in being personable and…

7 Tips on How to Prevent Computer Viruses

By Brett Ramberg - CEO

We see lots of viruses come through our shop.  While we are happy to help our clients with their virus removal needs, we also try to educate our clients on how to avoid viruses in the first place.  Below are 7 simple tips to avoid getting viruses on your computer. It’s important to note the difference between viruses and malware. A virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer.  Viruses can be transmitted through internal networks, the internet or through a usb drive.  Here at the shop, we have encountered jobs where the virus was…

Death of the Yellow Pages- Business Marketing in the Google Age

By Brett Ramberg - CEO

The Yellow Pages are dead.  Now what?  How does a business ensure potential customers can find them? Let the experts below show you how the modern business makes its brand known. Google Ranking 101 by Jeffrey Magner, Trumpet Local Media Local business listing insights Tips for localizing & optimizing your website Learn from your competitors The End Of The Webmaster by Justin Pot, Altitude Integrations The benefits of a good content management system Why WordPress is perfect for your business How to use WordPress to easily run your own web site Essential Social Media for Local Businesses By Jack Jostes,…

The Altitude Integrations Business IT Process

By Brett Ramberg - CEO

We love our business clients.  We enjoy the long-term relationships we have with them.  The question often arises: What is your process for integrating a new business client?  Here is your look at the Altitude Integrations business IT support relationship building process: Assessment– We like to use the orchard analogy.  In order to plant an orchard, you need to dig holes.  In order to dig holes, you need a nice shovel.  In order to use the shovel effectively, you need the proper training.  We like to start by finding out the goals of the business (ie- we find out what…

6 Reasons Why Your Web Site Needs to be Mobile

By Brett Ramberg - CEO

Here are 6 good reasons why you should consider making your web site mobile compatible: Growth: In November of 2010, mobile browser usage had gone up to 4% of total usage share worldwide.  These are your clients.  Make sure they can find out about your biz. The iPod Touch: This device is one of the fastest growing ways that people are accessing web content.  The price is low, it’s portable and all you need is wifi, no contract. Spur-of-the-Moment Purchasing: When people are on the road, they refer to their phones for buying decisions.  If they happen to need a…

Vista to Windows 7 Upgrade…. Only $199!

By Brett Ramberg - CEO

Here at Altitude Integrations, we work to speed up lots of computers.  These computers run XP, Vista and Windows 7.  There are many things that we can do to increase the performance of an XP or a Windows 7 computer.  We can also attempt to speed up a Vista computer.  The problem is that it’s a bit like putting new shoes and saddle bags on a slow, grumpy donkey with the expectation that the donkey will turn into a stallion.  We would rather not waste our time or our client’s money. Therefore, we are offering a special to turn that…

Wondering how your PC got infected?

By Brett Ramberg - CEO has a great article on where the majority of malicious software infections are coming from.  You’ll be surprised when you learn how new tactics are taking advantage of many parts of the computer you may not have considered vulnerable. The 17 Most Dangerous Places on the Web Threat 1 >> Malicious Flash files that can infect your PC The Place: Websites that use Flash Threat 2 >> Shortened links that lead you to potentially harmful places The Place: Twitter Threat 3 >> E-mail scams or attachments that get you to install malware or give up personal info The Place:…

Biking to work is cool

By Brett Ramberg - CEO

At least, we think so. According to Slate, however, Hollywood’s been using biking to work as shorthand for ‘loser’ for quite a while. Tom Vanderbilt’s article argues that Hollywood, existing in the heart of car-heavy LA, can’t conceive of a person willingly biking to work. If they aren’t driving it’s because they cannot afford a car, are socially oblivious or lost their license. For example, take Steve Carrel’s character in The 40 Year Old Virgin: Steve Carell is that rarest of filmic creatures: a bona-fide bike commuter, shown pedaling to work, navigating the various hazards of the traffic landscape. A…

Technology Therapy: Three Great Talks in One Day

By Brett Ramberg - CEO

Feeling frustrated about technology? Don’t worry: let the tech therapists help. We at Altitude Integrations, teamed with Ramblin Jackson and in support of Boulder Community Computers, are offering a half-day workshop in business strategies. Three talks teaching you how to get the most out of Google Apps, the cloud and social networking. Google Apps – Efficient, Innovative, and Agile by Tim O’Shea, Systems Samurai at Altitude Integrations Improve your business’s productivity with Google Apps Save money with a proven platform for email, calendaring, and document management Evolve beyond your server into a world of mobility, flexibility and reliability Cloud Computing…