New Facebook Policy for Business and Fan Pages

New FacebookA lot of people may have noticed recently that a lot of top business and fan pages have streamlined there posting schedule. This is not a coincidence, it’s part of a new program from facebook that is trying to force popular pages to get more “bang for their buck”….literally. Under the new system users with fan pages now can choose what percentage of their fan base gets reached for each post. The more money you spend the more people get reached. It is both good and bad.

On the positive side this will mean that people will be spamming a lot less with meaningless constant postings. Now you can count on the fact that if these people are paying every time they post they might put a little bit more though into content.

On the negative side some users are upset that they have spent so much time trying to collect these vast fan bases under the pretense that reaching them would be free and automatic. Under the new system the more fans that you have the more money it costs to reach 100% of them. One of the great things about the fan page system was that it leveled the playing field between small grassroots companies and big corporations. It wasn’t about who had the bigger advertising budget, it was that the more popular a company was, the more people could be reached. Under the new system smaller companies with large fan bases will be forced to pay to reach that same amount.

While a lot of these companies are up in arms about the whole situation, some people are excited at the concept that is going to force facebookers to put more time and content into their posts in order to get more “bang for their buck”.

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