Google Storage has Arrived for Google Apps

Google Apps users have been trying to increase the storage allowance of Google services for a while now.  Google has long offered additional storage for users with a personal Gmail account once they reach their limit for storage in services such as Picasa.  As Google Apps grows as a solution for businesses all over the world, there is also a growing demand for storage in the area of Google Docs.  Google has answered the call.

Enter Google Storage.  Google Apps users can now use Google as the central storage space for documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms.  For those who have not experienced the wonder of Google Docs, this service allows you to use Google’s server’s as a replacement for your installed applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  Users can collaborate in real time on the same document, manage sharing, track revision histories and much more.

User Managed Storage is a feature that needs to be enabled for the entire domain from the admin interface before users can access the feature.  Once that step is completed, then users can purchase storage through Google Checkout.  Here is the breakdown for the prices and storage amounts:

  • 20 GB – $5/yr
  • 80 GB – $20/yr
  • 200 GB – $50/yr
  • 400 GB – $100/yr
  • 1 TB – $256/yr
  • 2 TB – $512/yr
  • 4 TB – $1024/yr
  • 8 TB – $2048/yr
  • 16 TB – $4096/yr

While most users will not come close to the 16 TB of storage per year, it’s nice to know that it’s there.  For those businesses that pay to maintain their own in-house servers for file storage, it makes economic sense to outsource that server administration.  If 16 TB is not enough storage, the users can contact Google directly to get increased storage.

It’s interesting that User Managed Storage is not available in all areas.  Funny, considering that Google is cloud based.

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