Get Your Business on the Web

When we are curious about a business, what do we do…. we look them up online.  If we find nothing, the inquiry stops there.  That could be a lost client.  If the web site is old and clunky, we think the business is old and clunky (generally not a good thing).  Here at Altitude Integrations, we work to ensure that your business has a positive representation online through an effective and visually stunning web site.

One of the biggest challenges that have faces business owners up to this point has been how to make changes to a web site.  In the past, the owner has been victim to the will of the web developer.  If the developer does not return a phone call, the project screeches to a halt.  That typo could stay on the web site for months.

We saw this issue and realized that businesses need control of the content of their web site.  Enter WordPress.  Wordpress is an open-source application that allows a user to make updates and changes to a web site in a simple interface.  If you can check your email, you can use the WordPress backend.

Altitude Integrations works with the client to set up the web site with a look that suits the brand of the business or organization.  Once the site has been set up, we provide a 2 hour tutorial to the client.  During this tutorial, we teach the client how to upload new content, make changes, create new pages and resize images.  This is the equivalent of teaching a man to fish.  Once the tutorial is finished, there are no further costs unless changes need to be made to the code of the site itself.

If you or someone you know need to put up a web site that is affordable, adaptable and beautiful, give us a call.  We’re always happy to sit and chat about the details.  Get rid of the old and clunky….

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