Crew Close-Up: Wyatt Russell

wyattAs our front of the house Mac of All Trades Wyatt works on non-business client relations. Seeing a happy, satisfied client is his motivation to passionately work with technology. But there’s more to Wyatt than dissecting Apple products all day. Movies, Indian Food and Lana Del Ray are among a few of his interests outside of the office. 

iSU and Career Thus Far

Describe your responsibilities here at iSU? I manage the front Consumer IT Department and I specialize in Apple computer repairs and support, as well as residential on site support. I started in June 2012. You could sum it up as management of non-business client relations.

Why did you choose to work at iSU? I chose iSU because of the people that work here and the environment. The cool people, smart people and nice work environment right on Pearl Street.

shaun & wyattHow would you describe the culture of iSU? The culture I would describe as one where I get to work with really talented folks and a lot of great clients. It’s a nice work environment, laid back – but we still get it done.

What has surprised you most about working with iSU? What surprises me is how much room there is for me to be able to create my own workflow without being directed – which is also a bit of a challenge. I gotta be a go-getter.

Tell me about your career prior to coming to iSU? I did my own Apple Computer consulting for a couple years before Altitude Integrations.  Before that, I worked for Apple for a year, and before that, in the service industry for a long time – for about 10 plus years. I also did forestry for 3 years.

Beyond the Office

What is the best thing about Boulder? The best thing about Boulder, I suppose, is its a small town. You can pretty much do anything you want to do without having to drive. You don’t have to commute. There is a lot great of great stuff crammed into a small place.

When you are not at work, where can we find you? Out-and-about on the town socializing or on the couch.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work? I like to eat good food, enjoy the outdoors, watch great movies, and cook.

How would your fellow coworkers describe working with you? Fun and funny.

What three things do you always have in your refrigerator? Almond butter, yogurt, and KeVita

Describe your perfect meal. Indian food, Thai food, and Japanese food altogether at the same time.

What is the most recent concert you’ve been to? Steven Wilson at the Boulder Theater

Any embarrassing bad habits you’d like to share? Occasionally I listen to pop music…like Lana Del Ray. It’s a little guilty pleasure.

In A Nutshell

What is the most challenging aspect of your job? Its most challenging when I hit a wall and it takes more time than I would like it to, or if I am unable to solve a challenge for one reason or another.

What is the most fun aspect of your job? Learning new things about technology and people. The most rewarding part would be when a customer or client has a problem and I am able to resolve that problem and see how happy it makes them.

Sum up working at iSU in 3 words. Challenging, changing, technology.

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