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iPhone 4 Color Conversion

Change the color of your Phone 4!

So it was pretty cool when Apple released the white iPhone 4.  Now all the cool kids have a white iPhone 4.  The team at Altitude Integrations is not content with black and white so we searched far and wide for the parts that would allow our clients to change the color of their iPhone 4‘s because life is more than just black and white.

We now offer a tons color options to our clients.  You can change colors when you come in with a shattered screen or just get the color change on its own.  We’ve got red, blue, yellow, white, black, pink, gold, silver, metallic purple and blue…. we’re getting more options all the time!  Time to be the cool kid on the block.  If you choose red, your iPhone 4 just might go faster.  Watch out.

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