Case Study: JumpNrope’s fresh new WordPress site

JumpNrope, a jump rope products and fitness education company, partnered with Altitude Integrations’s web development team to replace its basic HTML site with a fully functional interactive and e-commerce WordPress website.

JumpNRope.comThe company, which has been around for about seven years, has been growing rapidly as it continues to add to the JumpNrope product line and to expand with a gym and more fitness programs. As such, building a complimentary website was vital for the future success of JumpNrope.

“We do jump rope education, jump rope products and now we have our own gym that we do jump rope programs with. On the product side, we have been manufacturing our own jump ropes for three years now which we’ve been selling mostly to crossfit and adult fitness markets,” said Vice President John Obrecht. “We also teach seminars at crossfit gyms, do performances and coach for a local team.”

After receiving a recommendation from a friend of a friend, JumpNrope was directed towards the Altitude Integrations web development team.

“The one thing I was looking for was someone who would show us how to do 75 percent of the work. We had quotes from other companies that were way off base but Altitude Integrations was willing to show us how to do the maintenance of the site and that’s what ultimately made the decision for us,” Obrecht said.

Up until this point, Obrecht said he had been working on a basic HTML site but was lacking the skills to create a professional design using CSS coding. Altitude Integrations’s web developer Erin, suggested JumpNrope use a WordPress site to ensure easier maintenance and the ability for quick adjustments to the design.

“We now have a website that people are attracted to.”

JumpNrope decided on a three phase implementation process using WordPress, beginning with a basic package which included several hours of training. Since then, edits to the site have been easier, including faster CSS changes, updating product options and the whole company can now log in to the backside of the WordPress site and make adjustments. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 4.04.27 PM“It used to be just me because no one else really understood HTML, so any updates would have to go through me and that just took so much longer,” Obrecht said. “Now for instance, we have an instructor who can go onto the website and post workouts and other information to his clients on the gym side of things.”

JumpNrope was able to add additional widgets and features using an ‘a la carte’ type method and will continue to do so as the business grows. Obrecht said the updates were easy to install Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 4.04.49 PMand had realistic time estimates.

“Phase one was the basic package and we haven’t moved to the other phases quite yet, but we are so happy with the first right now,” he said.

The result of Altitude Integrations’s work on JumpNrope’s site has been a cleaner design with interactive features for customer involvement including educational videos, blog posts, calendar of events, membership costs and products offered.

“I think people use to like our company but would think our website was lacking. Now we’ve got both going for us and as that draws more people to our website, I think we can continue to get customers more involved,” Obrecht said. “We have everything we need right now just to get off the ground.”

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