Case Study: Dwyer Construction Company Refreshes With WordPress

Full service construction firm Dwyer Construction Company recently redesigned its website with the help of Altitude Integrations’s web development team. The company, which specializes in residential building construction and remodeling, employed WordPress to create a fresh look for its site, implementing several new tools including an updated project gallery and testimonials.

Dwyer Construction Company’s Branding Manager Kit Dwyer said she has high hopes for the new WordPress website in terms of the company’s overall web presence.

dwyer construction wordpress website“We are hoping to boost our online social media presence and increase web traffic by 70% with the new website,” Dwyer said.

After receiving a recommendation from a friend, Dwyer set up a one-on-one interview with the Altitude Integrations web development team to discuss the project. Dwyer said she felt comfortable working with the team and was impressed by the website examples on Altitude Integrations’s online portfolio compared to what she had experienced with past companies.

“We had previously hired another company to create our website but with this we were hoping to integrate more personal maintenance, a blog, new photos, project portfolios and things like that,” she said.

Dwyer worked with a project manager as well as our design team Erin and Roscoe to enforce a group effort in developing the website. She sent the team a desired site map and current logo to do some “tweaking,” and has since enjoyed the flexibility and ease of using WordPress.

“Altitude Integrations is perfect for small businesses because it offers such tailored services in terms of the WordPress packages,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer said she found starting out with a basic WordPress package, with the ability to add on more services as the company wishes, was convenient as well as the fact that it was easy to call Web Developer Erin for advice on making changes to the website.

dwyer construction wordpress website

Since completing the website, Dwyer said the company has received compliments that the site has a more professional feel and that she is hoping to continue making improvements as Dwyer Construction Company introduces the website to its customer base.

Moving forward, Dwyer would like to implement a blogging strategy as part of the process as well as more customer testimonials to highlight the benefits of Dwyer Construction Company’s residential and commercial construction, remodeling, design consulting, basement finishing and other services. Dwyer said she plans to create an email campaign to announce the new WordPress site to customers.

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