Attend WordPress 101, a $39 Class from Altitude Integrations

Master the art of controlling your content.

With WordPress, it’s easier than you think. We regularly teach computer novices to take control of their websites in two hours, and they rarely call us back.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Attend “WordPress 101” at Altitude Integrations. This $39 class will outline everything you need to know in order to manage a WordPress website, from pages to blog posts and beyond.

If you can’t update your website yourself, there’s a good chance it might suck. The content is probably out of date, and your webmaster charges you quite a bit to make changes (if you can even get in touch with her at all).

Stop the madness: learn how to take care of things yourself. Erin O’Brien, our resident Code Commander, will lead WordPress 101. She’s one of those kind of nerds that can explain nerdy stuff in a non-nerdy way, so don’t worry if you’re typically intimidated by techno-talks: this one is going to be different.

Click here to register for WordPress 101.

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