Attend “Leveraging Google Docs” Tuesday, Sept 27

There are many reasons to use Google Docs, the ultimate online office suite. It offers real-time collaboration, meaning you can see changes your coworkers make to a document as they make them. It gives your company one central place to store documents, meaning you’ll never email documents back and forth between coworkers again. It works on any computer, tablet or smartphone, and there are never any updates for you to purchase and install.

That’s all great, but switching from a familiar office suite to Google Docs can be overwhelming. Don’t worry: you can become a Google Docs expert by taking “Leveraging Google Docs” this Tuesday, the next affordable class from Altitude Integrations.

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Learn the in’s and out’s of this very powerful platform.  The first hour will be instructional and the last half hour will be Q & A.  Come with a laptop if you want to follow along with the instructions.

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