5 Reasons Why the iPhone 4 Rocks

We started to repair the iPhone 4 a few weeks ago after the cost of the parts went down to reasonable levels.  It is a shame that we need to replace the glass, digitizer and lcd together when the outer glass is the only thing that is broken, but the iPhone 4 has other redeeming features to discuss.  Here are only 5 of the reasons why the new Apple phone is a good move:

  1. RAM- The iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM.  Just to give you a little perspective, the iPad only has 256MB of RAM and its screen is 4 times the size.  That means the iPhone 4 is significantly faster than the 3G or 3GS.  When I first got my iPhone 4, I thought my 3G was pretty cool.  The iPhone 4 made me realize how much time I spent in my life waiting for Google Maps to render or the camera app to open.  Now you can do more interesting things with that free time like make tasty garlic tomato grilled cheeses.
  2. Reception- Yes, we read all about the antenna drama when the phone first hit the market.  Having used all generations of phone and never having put a case on any of these phones, we find the iPhone 4 to have significantly better reception than the past generations.  We have experienced less dropped calls and the wifi is screaming fast.  We like that.  Especially when using the phone with the Skype App.
  3. Volume Controls- The volume controls on the iPhone 3G/3GS were a little wimpy.  We have had many clients come in with broken volume controls on these models.  The iPhone 4 has these sturdy buttons that are so much easier to use, even if you are controlling the volume through a pocket.
  4. Camera- This camera is amazing.  We have used it for video, daytime photos and night photos.  While it still is in the category of a phone camera, it is far superior to the past generations.  We are looking forward to the time when the Skype App supports the use of the front camera for Skype to Skype calls.  That will be amazing.  Face Time will be interesting when the entire world owns an iPhone.  Hey, it could happen…
  5. Durability-  As the photo above shows, the iPhone 4 is incredibly durable.  It is built like a tank.  The iPhone 4 featured in this post was run over by a car.  It only had a soft case on it to protect it from the blow.  The only thing that broke on the phone was the outer glass.  We find this amazing.  It also brought joy to our client, because they only had to replace the glass and not the whole phone (which would have cost $600…. boooo).

The iPhone 4 performs well on the AT&T network.  This is a tall statement considering Boulder/ Denver is renowned for having terrible service on the AT&T network.  Many folks are waiting for the iPhone to move to Verizon while they nurse their 3G and 3GS along.  My advice, go ahead and treat yourself for the holidays.

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